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Based on an international study, Construction has been lacking behind in the digital era among the largest industries. There is huge opportunity to improve operation quality and safety as well as save cost by better deployed digital tools. Instead of sitting on the idea, we put our acts together to create our early in-house products back in 2019 to move into digital era and InnoCheck was born. It is our great pleasure to share with all that our Digital Job Ticket won the 2022 Bronze Award of MIS Innovation Award organized by HKIE. This is a major recognization that we are proud of.

We transform the recording and guidance of work into mobile app and keep the management and other stakeholders well in the loop via simple web tool. In supporting our customers to launch such a tool, there are enabling differentiators makes us doing a better job:

  • Inside-Out approach with know-how and knowledge to support field staff

  • Structured methodology - SIPOC to define and implement customers' flow

Feature Summary