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InnoTec Engineering Ltd. has a dedicated and diversified field force led by an experienced management team. We work under a proven Operating System so to strike for Services Excellence. As a result, we earned customers' trust to serve in significant installation and maintenance projects. In addition, products we carry are with excellent reputation in their respective domain.
The scope of services are design, supply, installation, operation, maintenance and service of
- Plumbing and Drainage​
- Fire Service
​- Electrical Installation ​


Victaulic Vortex™
Hybrid Extinguishing System
Victaulic Vortex™ is a dual agent fire extinguishing system designed for use in water sensitive facilities from data centers to power generation plants. With 95 years of fire safety product innovation as a foundation, our expert engineers have developed a revolutionary water and nitrogen fire extinguishing system for special hazards. This advanced fire protection device resolves issues inherent in most other systems for facilities with contents that could be destroyed or rendered inoperable by water damage.
Fire Alarm System
NOTIFIER by Honeywell, part of Honeywell International Inc, a Fortune 500 company, is one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for fire detection systems in the world.

NOTIFIER has pioneered the policy of developing sophisticated advanced technology fire detection systems, starting with simple conventional products through to large networked multi-panel intelligent systems.

NOTIFIER by Honeywell is committed to the highest standards of service and product quality in line with the needs of a fire safety business, and of course, our operations are accredited to ISO 9001, and our products carry world-wide approvals such as LPCB, Vds, UL, ULC and BOSEC/ANPI etc.
Fire Suppression System


The Kidde ECS Series (Engineered Central Storage) is an engineered clean agent suppression system designed to protect mission critical facilities and high valued assets. Excellent protection for small, medium and large-sized applications.

Novec™ 1230 instantly vaporizes upon discharge, totally flooding protected spaces and absorbing heat better than water. The Novec™ 1230 system suppresses a fire before it can start by detecting it at invisible levels. And once the danger has passed, Novec™ 1230 quickly evaporates without harming any valuable assets. Novec™ 1230 suppression systems represent the most effective fire protection on the market today.

- Clean agent protection for small, medium and large applications
- Faster reacting than water-based systems (seconds as opposed to minutes).
- No water, so there is little to no damage to the equipment or the facility.
- Flexible design capabilities for small or large floor plans.
- Typical Applications

Kidde ECS Series - Clean Agent Systems are recommended for fire protection of facilities where one or more of the following conditions are involved:
The value of the facilities contents (such as a museum) or the importance of the facility to a company’s business continuity (such as a data center) requires a fire suppression system that can react in seconds.
Water sprinkler systems are not available, or if present, may damage the contents of the facility to be protected or pose an electrical safety problem for fire fighters.