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Leading Continuous Agent Loss Monitoring System: First in the world to monitor 24/7 loss of mass and pressure for high-pressure seamless fire suppression systems
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Coltraco Ultrasonics

The PermaMass® FEATHERWEIGHT is the world’s first Three-Gas-System to continuously monitor a loss of agent quantity in real-time, un-affected by temperature. It covers Inert gas of Inergen blends, as well as mass loss in CO2 and liquefied clean agents such as NOVECTM 1230, FM200® with Nitrogen to 100g, or better than 1% accuracy above 10kg total agent weight. It consists of a compact monitoring devices and easy to retrofit plus in-situ calibration capable hardware system. The compact device monitors 12 channels with clear info displayed on the exact amount of agent loss including percentage loss. Pre-programmed thresholds can be set per channel. It is not only a go/no-go system but also offers insight of the severity of the leak, if any.

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