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Portascanner AIRTIGHT

InnoTec Engineering is appointed Exclusive Distributor since July 2022. InnoCheck, a division of InnoTec, with a team of trained professionals serve all customers in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. The Portascanner AIRTIGHT is Coltraco Ultrasonics’ most advanced ultrasonic room integrity testing tools for ensuring airtightness of room/spaces whilst locating and quantifying airleaks as small as 0.05mm. Portascanner® Airtight is a global-leading airtightness instrument for the Built Environment, COVID19 control, compartmentation testing and ventilation.
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Coltraco Ultrasonics

The Portascanner AIRTIGHT has been developed to identify leak sites with a microscopic level of accuracy, to measure and quantify them using sophisticated algorithms, and to generate a value for the air flow rate through each leak as well as calculate the building’s overall air permeability. It achieves this thank to innovations both in engineering and computer science, meaning the Portascanner AIRTIGHT processes the hardware and software necessary to crate the most stable , temporally and spatially consistent signal required to quantify leak extend ultrasonically.

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