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In-rack Sprinkler

“Design for In-rack sprinklers is one of the most, if not the most, complex chapters of LPC Sprinkler Rules that needs very high standard fire engineering technical capabilities to ensure deliverables.” said Peter Lam, managing director of InnoTec.

In addition to the supply & installation contract for P&D system, InnoTec was appointed designer for the In-rack sprinkler installation https://www.facebook.com/509529142559153/posts/1453680998143958/?d=n  for AMC.

Simon Yan, engineering manager of InnoTec was briefing the engineer of FSD about In-rack sprinkler system of AMC at yesterday’s FS Inspection kickoff meeting.
“The 1:1 scale fire test that we did in UK, was the largest of the same in Asia over past twenty years, over 90% of design for in-rack sprinklers were done here.” remarked by Simon Tsang, director of InnoTec.