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InnoCheck’s Digital Job Ticket in Korea

This week InnoCheck team was working for KFT APAC (https://kft.firetrainer.com/en/about.html) to transform paper based service records and reports to InnoCheck’s Digital Job Tickets - InnoFire.

KFT APAC, an expert of Live Fire Simulation System carried out annual check for Korea Fire Training School’s Live Fire Simulation System installed at Gyeonggi-do Fire Academy starting this Monday.

“InnoCheck Digital Job Ticket (Korean version) is first time applied in Korea; including NFA of Taiwan, there are three regions in Asia using InnoCheck’s Digital Job Tickets. Ten instructors from Gyeonggi-do Fire Academy, two engineers from local service team attended the demonstration and training on Friday.” reported by Adam Lam, application engineer (Process Analysis) of InnoCheck.