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Virtual Call Centre

Today InnoCheck was holding *Contract signing ceremony* for providing Virtual Call Centre to Shine Union at KLB Headquarters.

“We are excited to announce that InnoCheck Limit, a subsidy of InnoTec, will provide our cutting-edge Virtual Call Centre to Shine Union - our important business partner.” said Ir Simon Tsang, director of InnoTec.

“At InnoCheck, we are always pushing the boundaries of innovation, and our Virtual Call Centre (VCC) is no exception. It is the second generation development of InnoCheck’s Digital Job Ticket, and provides an end-to-end solution that can reduce idling time and improve service efficiency for over 70% of our users. This is achieved through a cloud-based real-time system that allows for simultaneous information exchange, resulting in faster and more accurate communication between teams and customers.” commented by Ir Edmund Law, general manager of InnoCheck.

Adam Lam, application engineer of InnoCheck explained that “Our web-based system provides users with greater insight into their service requests, including data charts, search engines for past tickets, and other features that are only available through a digital job ticket system. These benefits ultimately lead to a smoother and more efficient service experience for our customers.”